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Project Description
The 40FINGERS StyleHelper Skin object: manipulate DotNetNuke CSS, Javascript links & meta tags if needed with all kind of conditions

The 40FINGERS Style Helper Skin object allows you to add CSS and Javascript links and meta tags to the head of your page.
It can also remove CSS links and Meta tags from the head of the page (like the UnloadCSS skin object).

This latest version is for DotNetNuke 06.01.00+
For DNN 05.06-06.01 use the 02.06.07 version
for DNN below 5.6 I would advise you to upgrade DNN ;-) or use the 02.02.00 version of this skin object.
For DNN 4 use the back ported 02.05.00 release

This skin object also allows you to set conditions for the adding the file links / meta tags, based on browser, role etc.
These filters can be positive (include) or negative (exclude).

This can all be done from the skin using code too, but this skin object allows you to use these option without any code and from an HTML skin.
Also if you want to add meta tags you don't have to change default.aspx (which is a core hack)

For the current documentation read this:

Examples of use

- Remove certain CSS files from the Head
- Load Browser specific CSS / JS files
- Load a culture specific CSS file
- Load a stylesheet specifically for RTL languages
- Add Meta tags, (for the iPhone) to your page.
- Set the doctype
- Detect Mobile browsers
- Redirect to another URL (based on filters)
- Set the skins Doctype

I will add some skin examples in the near future.

For latest changes, check the download page..

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